Ok, now this is amazing.

I have had my Week 8 mapping session with Monica at the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre, and afterwards, she tested my hearing … and I did incredibly well.

Monica suggested I mention on this blog that my result is a bit out of the ordinary – the average word perception is 30 per cent a year after an implant.

The reason to mention that is so as not to give a cochlear implant an inflated promotion! Anyone out there considering getting one – make sure you understand that everyone is different, and different people achieve different results at different times.

(How’s that for a disclaimer, huh?)

Anyway, results from this weeks mapping:

  • Sentences with just implant – 100% (before implant – 13%)
  • Sentences in noise with both hearing aid and implant – 95% (before implant – 45-50%)
  • Single words by themselves with just implant – 72% (before implant – 0%)

This is just … unbelievable.

And the most difficult part was done with just my cochlear implant, not even using my hearing aid ear.

I am flabbergasted for want of better words…

I am going to now:

  1. cry a bit
  2. then laugh
  3. then make myself a cup of tea
  4. then wait impatiently for Ben to come home from work so I can tell him
  5. then maybe get too excited, and try and call my mum on the phone
  6. then I am going to run around the house grinning like a mad-man and jump on the bed. Oh wait. Maybe I will do that now.

In fact, I am going to do them all at once.