Check out the hearing aid battery stuck on my magnet all day today! How funny! I wondered where the hearing aid battery had gone. Searched everywhere for it.

Check out the hearing aid battery stuck on my magnet all day today! How funny! I wondered where the hearing aid battery had gone. Searched everywhere for it.

Had a huge laugh this afternoon.

I had been leaning back in my chair at work, scratching my head, and as my hand brushed over the cochlear implant magnet on my head, suddenly felt a piece coming loose.

My first thought was: “Oh my GOD! I’ve broken it!”

But when I pulled it off, I realised that, stuck to the magnet was a hearing aid battery that I thought I’d lost earlier this morning. So I have had this battery magnetised to my head for the entire morning. HAHAHA!

After getting over the fact that I hadn’t noticed this thing attached to my head, my curious side got the better of me, and I decided to try other things. And lo – paperclips, butterfly clips, pins, tacks, they all stick to it as well, and even portable USB data holders (yes, I tried that, though I wouldn’t advise doing it, as I think magnets are bad for wiping files etc).

So, I’ve had a rather interesting afternoon!

Who would’ve thought an implant could be so much fun.

As for what I have been hearing lately, see the list below:

  • heard the indicators on the car for the first time yesterday – remember I said I couldn’t hear them before the switch on, and not after either? I had been so disappointed, as this is what everyone kind of whoops about when they first get the implant. So, mine only took almost 2 weeks. It just shows you though, how much your brain is evolving while you have this thing switched on.
  • I called mum again last night, and had a conversation with her in the car. Whoot! third time I have called her!
  • I called my sister in New Zealand yesterday (or rather, she called me, so I could test out the office speaker phone), and it was a little bit harder to hear her – maybe because of the bad line, but I could still hear her saying “Henry is in his high chair, I have a friend over for coffee, so I can’t really talk, and it’s Henry’s birthday today”. (Woops! Um, Happy Birthday Henry! How could your Aunty forget!? You really were the reason I called, not just to test my new ear! *blush*)
  • At work they sometimes do fire alarm tests, and always a guy comes on over the loud-speaker before the alarms start, letting everyone know it’s a test. Of course, I can usually never hear what he says, I just hear a loud rumble, and then the alarms go. But this time???? I heard it start, and then once I focused on the voice, I could hear him saying “Thank you for your attention, we will be doing testing of the fire alarms today. ” And Penny, my boss, turned to me to tell me what was going on (as she always does – bless her) and I was able to say ” I know! Alarm testing!” Whoot!

So, it is going well. But I am still having trouble hearing the TV without captions, and sometimes I am still needing people to repeat themselves in quiet situations when I haven’t been facing them. So it’s still not perfect. I am still deaf, and always will be.

But I have to say – it’s an improvement compared to what my hearing was  like before. And I really didn’t think I would be saying that so early after getting it switched on.

High five to me, high five to Graeme Clark, and high five to Cochlear.