Things I have heard today:

  • My boss Penny coughing sounds really cool, like a cat connected up to lots of wires, meowing in staccato, but robotically. Sounded so good, I asked her to ‘please keep coughing’.
  • The roller ball on my mouse when I scroll up and down pages, has a very satisfying quiet little purr. I sat there scrolling up and down a page for about 2 minutes with a dazed expression on my face.
  • Funny moment – realising that many noises I make sound exactly like the swooshing of the ‘Light Sabres’ from out of Star Wars – so as I walked home last night, started making sounds with my mouth like “Szzzhooooo! Shzzooooo!”, having a galactic battle between good and evil as I walked the pavement. I HAD checked around me before I started, thinking I was alone, but hadn’t noticed an old guy who had been sweeping his driveway. I walked past, and realised I had the attention of a very puzzled man watching a young lady “Star Wars szcwhoooshing” to herself.
  • When I yawn, my hearing kind of goes all muffled in my normal ear – and it always has… but I just discovered that the cochlear implant ear keeps hearing completely normally even throughout a yawn. You should try it next time you yawn to see what your ears do… Does your hearing kind of go muffled or dull, or do you kind of ‘go temporarily deaf’? Sooo weird.
  • When I was walking to work this morning (cochlear implant in, no hearing aid) I was standing at the lights, waiting to cross the road. There was only one other person standing with their back to me, a couple of metres away, but I could distinctly hear people having a conversation – though couldn’t make out the words. I searched around me for the people chatting, and couldn’t see any. Turned out the lady near me was having a very quiet conversation on her mobile phone, and I had picked that up amidst all the traffic noise!