Well, after all that, here is the story in the Daily Telegraph:

This is the video they made of Professor Da Cruz and I at the switch on.

This is the video they made of Professor Da Cruz and I at the switch on.

They do make it sound like I was ‘saved’ from something terrible (hahaha), but they did a pretty good job with the video!

You can click on the links below to:

  1. read the original article
  2. watch the video
  3. see a screenshot of the actual newspaper story (thanks to Steven Herod!)
  4. second ‘spoof’ article, the next day: “Years of noise can’t be explained“, By Joe Hildebrand, The Daily Telegraph, July 24, 2009

GEEZ! It is a big one! I probably should buy the paper.

You can post comments on that online article as well, so feel free to comment away and say what you think about the cochlear implants, good, bad, whatever. It’s important that people talk about it.

Even this morning, I am hearing more and more things. They keyboard is still dinging, but I was also able to hear Ben saying some words hiding his mouth too. It was hard (maybe because they were rude words!! Bennnn!), but at least I got them! Imagine what it will be like after a couple of weeks, if it is changing like this all the time already?


In fact, just then – I turned around, going “What the hell was that!!??” And it was Ben washing up with the scrubbing brush, and with the water running out of the tap in the kitchen. It sounded like … scrubbing! But the water sounds like about three notes at the top end of an electric piano being trilled all at once. Literally tinkling.


And then – Ben just crumpled a plastic bag, and it was SO LOUD!! And then he was reading a receipt, and I asked him to read the numbers to me with my eyes closed … it was hard – I had to concentrate …. BUT GOT THEM ALL RIGHT.

Mumma mia!! It’s a miracle!