ok, so this is probably the last post I will make before the surgery. The last post. It’s like I am leaving for war or something.

“…Darling … I may never return … but if I don’t, you must keep the farm, and tell the children I died fighting for their freedom!” *cue soaring music, camera cuts away to show me heading off into the sunset, Ak47 over my shoulder to fight the (insert enemy name here: Nazis/Russians/Communists/Fascists/Aussie liberals Godwin Grech & Turnbull)*

I am a bit nervous. I have had to start fasting from 23 minutes ago at 9am.

Also, am wondering what I have gotten myself into. A friend of mine that works for ABC’s Triple J thought it might be interesting to do a story on the experience of the implant for the radio. I thought, yes, awesome, it will be a good way to educate people on what it’s really like, especially since I am a big fan of music, and music will irrevocably change forever after this for me – and I laughingly suggested that they could try and get some audio sound effects from the theatre during my surgery. ha. ha.

And what have I learnt from this? Don’t joke with the ABC.

They are apparently at the hospital now trying to secure an interview with my surgeon, and then want to have a sound person in the theatre during my surgery so they can record the ‘sound effects’ (i.e. Drilling, cutting , the surgeon saying “Woops, shouldn’t have cut that bit. Just stitch it back up, no one will notice!”)

If they can manage it – I think it may be a first. Cochlear implant surgery broadcast over national radio. Who’d a thunk it?

At least it will capture if I talk in my ‘sleep’ under anaesthetic. I’ve always wondered if that happened.